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Balikbayan Box Shipping to Philippines

Padala sa Pilipinas. Anong pinaka maayos at murang kumpanya?

Manila Forwarder

I saw this company in TFC. Manila Forwarder is a balikbayan box company that started in Los Angeles, CA. I checked their website and they have agents in different  countries. The company's balikbayan boxes are handled in the Philippines by a company named Manila Forwarder Phil, Inc. It appears like they are owned by the same company in the USA.

I have used Manila Forwarder before and I am satisfied with their service. A little bit pricey but it's all worth it. They have perks that other balikbayan box companies offer:

1) Their box is really big and thick. Matagal nga lang mapuno at magastos pero ok na din. Mas tipid.

2) They have continious customer support. I called their toll free number, 1.800.210.1019  and I sometimes I speak with someone in Los Angeles but sometimes I speak with someone from Manila when I call after hours. Ayus noh! Libre naman daw yung tawag at via internet yung call. Ano yun, magic jack? ang linaw ng linya.

3) They are also quick in email response. Minsan nakakagulat dahil pag send ko, ilang minuto lang may sagot na. Mukhang knowledgable din talaga ang sagot noh.

4) They have on line package tracking that really works. he he. I tried others pero drawing lang.

5) They deliver fast. Mine usually takes less than one month. 

6) Professional staff. Nakakatuwa yung mga staff nila at ang gagalang. Pogi pa nga yung nag pipick up sa akin. Model daw sya dati.

7) Free box! yes, they give me free box shipping. Perks daw ng suki card nila.

Here's their website:

Balikbayan Box

Manila Forwarder




Johhny Air Cargo


Alas Cargo

Can I vote for the worst company? Pardon me but this Alas Cargo based in Panorama is the worst so far that I encountered.

I guess I got what I deserved as I was enticed with the cheap promo that they have. I ended losing more.

This company is very unprofessional! They took more than 2  months to deliver my balikbayan box to Quezon City. Ang dami pang nawala. Napaka bastos pang staffs.



OK itong LBC. May branch na malapit lang sa amin. Hindi nga lang sila tumatangap ng malaking box. Try ko kaya sa Manila Forwarder?